New FLYJOY Flavor!

Always on the search for the next best FLYJOY bar flavor, we’ve launched our latest: Cashew Cookie Dough. While our Blueberry and Cranberry Almond bars provide a burst of fruit flavor that will help you start your day right, our Cashew Cookie Dough bar is that rich, satisfying snack you long for at the end of a long day. So kick your feet up and indulge a little, without the guilt of course!

Traveling Abroad: a Take-home Lesson from Cold Showers and Discomfort

Cold Shower Discomfort

As I turned the nozzle, the frigid water poured out over my body and I was instantly awakened. Easing my way into the day with a long, hot shower was no longer an option, at least until we returned home from our trip to Colombia. I dreaded those cold morning showers during our week-long New Year’s adventure, but I also can’t remember ever being more awakened and energized than I was after taking them.

In a Psychology Today article titled ‘Why Riding the Wave of Discomfort is Good for You’, author Tim Leberecht describes how the world today views discomfort as something horrible and dated. Technological advances such as dishwashers, washing machines, computers and remote controls have made our lives easier and more comfortable. He explains how we tend to reason that where pain exists, happiness cannot. If something doesn’t allow us to feel good, then that means it must be bad. He continues, “…by resisting discomfort, we deny ourselves an important opportunity: the chance to shake ourselves out of our predictable perspectives and allow ourselves to make astute observations we could not possibly have made before. Discomfort gives us fresh eyes.”

Seeking out moments of positive discomfort in your everyday life will help you see things from a new perspective and in turn boost your creative thinking. Some simple examples of this include: taking a new route home from work, trying your hand at a new sport, or inviting a co-worker whom you’ve never met before to coffee. As for me, I’ve decided to take those cold showers home with me from Colombia to serve as daily reminders to seek out the uncomfortable.

How do you challenge yourself and seek out positive discomfort in your daily life? We’d love to hear from you, so leave us a comment below or on Facebook

FLYJOY Blue Hummingbird - Mindo, Ecuador

Are You Curious Enough?


“Whoa! What kind of bird was that?!” My friend, Josh, was in heaven. It was our third week in the richly bio-diverse country of Ecuador and it seemed Josh had asked these and similar questions hundreds of times already. They were starting to boarder on the absurd (Ecuador has over 1600 different species of birds, how was I supposed to know which species that was?), but I began to appreciate Josh’s curiosity for life. It should be no surprise that he’s nearly completed his schooling at the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine.

Author Christopher Bergland states that, “It’s easy to become bored, discontent and lackadaisical when your daily routine turns into a rut. Recent psychological studies have confirmed that staying curious is not only the key to maintaining a sense of wonder and appreciation for life – it is the key to your success. Remaining conscientious is equally important. In fact, the combined personality traits of being curious and conscientious were found to be more important than intelligence in predicting success.” (Psychology Today)

With every passing year, my belief in the power of a balanced life becomes stronger and stronger. How do we achieve that balance? By staying curious and conscientious both mentally and physically.

Bergland continues by offering his readers some practical advice for “kick-start(ing) your curiosity and conscientiousness and (to) stop sleepwalking through life…I would recommend using regular physical activity as a valuable tool to fortify both of these personality traits. One of the most valuable lessons of  “The Athlete’s Way” (Bergland’s book) is that through your daily workouts you have the power to strengthen character traits that will help you succeed in life – curiosity and conscientiousness are at the top of this list. Pushing your physical body is a great way to keep your mind and spirit open to a sense of wonder and curiosity; And, staying committed to a regular exercise regimen and the process of beginning and finishing a prescribed workout rewires your mind to be more conscientious in everything you do. The ‘good habits’ that you become skilled at and reinforce consistently through yoga, strength training, pilates, cardiovascular work… creates a mindset.” (Psychology Today)

So, push play on your favorite playlist and go run outside for a while. Take your dog on a walk in the woods. Jump in the car with your spouse after work and go exercise at the gym for 30 minutes. Open up your mind to this amazing world and the next time you see a bird perched up on the telephone pole during your afternoon commute, ask yourself, “what kind of bird is that?”

FLYJOY - Car Decal

Expo Eastward Bound

This morning marks the beginning of a week we’ve been looking forward to for quite some time. Ever since we decided to exhibit, for the very first time, at the Natural Products Expo East 2014 trade show in Baltimore, Maryland this year, we’ve had our eyes set on this week as the deadline for having our new FLYJOY bars available for sale, fitted in their brand new package designs and shown off on our new website.

After 3 months of hard work, we’re ready for our trip! We’ll be posting updates and photos to our social media pages while we’re on the road and we’d love for you join us on our journey to Baltimore.

FLYJOY - Espresso

New Website!

It’s been a long journey, but the new website for FLYJOY is here!

Take a moment to read up on our awesome new flavors, the incredible ingredients that make up a FLYJOY bar, and the story behind the bars themselves!